Russian language course

24 lessons to improve your speaking, comprehension and writing skills
You will get 24 lessons which include:
1) texts on variety of topics from Russian culture to self development
2) audios for all texts to train your pronunciation and comprehension
3) visualized cards to memorize new words and phrases
4) exercises accompanied by audios to learn how to use new words and phrases in context
5) exercises accompanied by audios to train new grammar drills on complex topics
We suggest you 24 lessons to boost your Russian to a new level
About us
My name is Sergey, I'm a Master of Economics. In my free time I study English, I like to get up early, read, run, do boxing and torture my mother's cat. I will show you the easiest way to handle Russian language!
Underwriter in one of the largest Russian banks
My name is Lena, I adore traveling and discovering new things. I graduated from the same university as Sergey Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs. I study two languages: French and Spanish. I want to help you in learning Russian, to make it pleasant and efficient.
Auditor in a large international company
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